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"Pointillism Master"
- ARTtour International Magazine

What Collectors Say

I so appreciate it when someone supports me through the purchase of my art. And in this, I’m so deeply humbled by their words and observations. – Jim pescott

“Your light is genius” – KA

“Epic. Brilliant work. Really outstanding.” – JW

“Your evolution in painting takes my breath away.” – MR

“”You not only share your talent with the world, but simplicity and kindness.” – BF

” . . . the painting brought me peace and joy and happiness at a time when I need it most.” – LW

“Jim you are such a gift to the world!” – PS

“The god of pointillism.” – AG

“An amazing artist . . .he knows the touch of light and captures a presence that makes you feel you could actually walk through his paintings.” – KA

“You have amazing talent which emanates from your warm heart.” – EN

“You are such a kind and genuine person.” – AB

“Having the opportunity to meet someone as talented as you are has been personally enriching. It has encouraged me to go way outside my comfort zone into the world of art where I lack both talent and the knowledge.” – SS

“A sharpe pointillist: to me he is one of a kind.” – DL

“You are always growing and developing and searching unstopably to better yourself.” – VP

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