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"Pointillism Master"
- ARTtour International Magazine


Hello, I’m Jim Pescott and dots are my life. Seriously, painting with dots is my passion. Some call my painting style pointillism, but simply, it is ‘painting with dots’ and this allows me to endlessly embrace how everything on our earth is connected. My source is nature and I love the magic of trees.

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Jim Pescott ArtistMeet Jim Pescott

Painting for me involves listening to the canvas: landscapes are a starting point and interpretation flows with the energies of dots and colours. I sense intimacy in this creative process with landscapes, trees and light. There is much magic being with trees during a woodland walk in my studio where sunlight plays like melodies and trees dance.

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Art Shows & Exhibitions

Jim Pescott’s work has exhibited in many international locations including events in France, Italy, Brazil, Monaco and the USA. His work has exhibited annually from 2011 through 2016 in the juried-entry Salon held by the historic Societe National des Beaux-Artes (SNBA) at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris France. In 2014, Jim received medal award recognition from France’s national Academie Arts-Sciences-Lettres. And in 2012, ArtTour International magazine wrote about Jim as a ‘master pointillist’: the magazine further recognized Jim with an award for “Excellence in The Arts and Outstanding Career Achievement”. In 2018, Jim received the Landscape Artist of the Year Award at the Art Comes Alive exhibition held by Art Design Consultants in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.