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"Pointillism Master"
- ARTtour International Magazine

Nothing on earth is solitary. Everything is connected. Pointillism allows me this exploration.

Hello, I’m Jim Pescott and dots are my life. Seriously, painting with dots is my passion. Some call my painting style pointillism, but simply, it is ‘painting with dots’ that allows me to endlessly embrace how everything on our earth is connected. My source is nature and I love the magic of trees.

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Jim Pescott ArtistMeet Jim Pescott

My painting style is based on pointillism and through this I endlessly paint dots on canvases to explore how everything on our earth is connected. This is my way of painting: watching the intimacy of everything touching everything. Nothing is solitary. There is passion for me in this and the dots allow me freedom.

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Art Shows & Exhibitions

Jim Pescott’s work has exhibited in many international locations including events in France, Italy, Brazil, Monaco and the USA. His work has exhibited annually since 2011 in the juried-entry Salon held by the historic Societe National des Beaux-Artes (SNBA) at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris France. In 2014, Jim received medal award recognition from France’s national Academie Arts-Sciences-Lettres. And in 2012, ArtTour International magazine wrote about Jim as a ‘master pointillist’: the magazine further recognized Jim with an award for “Excellence in The Arts and Outstanding Career Achievement”.

Pointillism Painting with DotsPointillism is painting with dots

“My painting style is to use dots of colour. applied with a round brush. I taught myself to do this many years ago and at the time was unaware of pointillism. I simply referred to what I did as ‘painting with dots’ and found a growing interest in how the dots allowed me to explore how everything was connected around us. It wasn’t until my visit to a public art gallery in Houston, Texas, that I saw artwork by a group of artists using dots to create their paintings.

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