It Is Snowing This Morning

It is snowing this morning and feels like poetry as I watch from my window.

In a few hours, as the sun has breaks through the clouds and wisps of blue sky are visible, brightness will dazzle what has been a soft quietness over the land. This is when shadows stretch out from the trees across the snow creating tangles of  trunks and branches no one can climb: not even the squirrels.


Winter Morning 12″x10″

Oh my goodness! What to paint in these moments is the question as the possibilities are everywhere. Yesterday I was painting poppies from memory at a café I frequent but later today I will be out in the excitement of light and those marvellous winter shadows that must be seen before they melt away.

For now I’m simply watching snow flakes in the early light as I sip coffee. A northern flicker is enjoying suet at a feeder that hangs from a limb near the window. Across the meadow behind my house, a line of trees is barely visible through the storm.


Jim Pescott, a Canadian artist, paints Alberta landscapes