"Pointillism Master"
- ARTtour International Magazine

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The intent of this blog is simply to share images of my paintings along with observations experienced while creating them.

My painting style is a contemporary pointillist form that allows me an endless exploration of the notion that nothing on the earth is solitary: everything is connected. Each image posted is a newly finished canvas.

I’ve been painting landscapes as I do for the last fifteen years or so. I left a career in the corporate world back then to paint and more and more follow this passion as a way of life. My paintings are popular: they find new homes quickly. People tell me they enjoy the colours and energy in the images but mostly they appreciate the meditative value in allowing themselves to wander through the dots.

As the artist, painting as I do is very meditative but the viewer is welcome to appreciate the images in response to what ever draws them in. I start a painting with a dot and end the painting with a dot: the process leads me into many places.

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