"Pointillism Master"
- ARTtour International Magazine

Paintings in Dots

Jim Pescott’s painting style has been referred to as contemporary pointillism. Jim relates to his work as “Paintings in Dots”.


Pointillism dates to the 1880’s in Paris, France, where painter Georges Seurat used tiny specs of primary colours to create an image on canvas. Seurat was especially interested in optical mixing: he placed primary colours like blue next to yellow and the human eye would mix these optically to see green. To read a helpful overview on the origins of pointillism, click here.

When Jim was in Paris with his work at the Societe Nationale des Beaux-art Salon 2011 held in the Carrousel du Louvre, he took some time to seek out Seurat’s resting place in the Pere-Lachaise Cemetery.

Other artists who have painted with dots include Paul Signac, Henri-Edmond Cross, Theo Van Rysselberghe, Maximillion Luce, Camille Pissaro and even Henri Matise. A Canadian artist, with Group of Seven involvement, who painted as a pointillist for part of his career is Lionel Fitzpatrick.


Jim shares about the early years, “I’m often asked how I started painting with dots. Basically the dots just found me. It really isn’t more complicated than this. When I paint my approach is to listen to what the canvas wants. So, when I started painting the canvas wanted dots. It has been dots ever since.”


Below are cutout close-up images from some of Jim’s paintings for you to see the details as you would if you were looking at an actual painting on a wall. His style involves layering dots: often a painting will include fifteen or more layers.

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