Pointillism Paintings

Pointillism Paintings – Inspiration From A Walk in the Woods

While walking in the woods, I most enjoy connecting with intimate spaces to watch shadows and sunlight touching the tree trunks. Every woodland holds endless visual adventures. Even on the next day to walk the same path brings interesting visual moments. I often photograph these moments and later use the photos to source pointillism paintings in my studio.

I Walked This Path Recently

The scene is to be enjoyed by everyone. It is a place to stop to watch all that is happening.

Everything fits together in the woods, nothing is out-of-place. It feels so perfect here. And I love how the path trails off behind the trees. There’s a promise of still more to see.

Experience This Moment

Just look at the individual trees and ask if nature could have done a better job.

Standing where I am standing, I first want to walk a few more steps to touch the tree next to the path. I want to feel the bark texture and I then want to feel a sense of the tree’s energy. Trees always seem happy to me and I love connecting with this.

Every tree has a story and I am curious about this as the trunk profile is curved. It seems years ago the tree responded to something as it continued to grow up towards the woodland canopy.


Sunlight always seems so hopeful. Here in the woods I watch as sunshine touches the undergrowth and flashes over tree trunks and branches. Shadows always move away in response to sunshine.

Watching sunshine in the woods reminds me of, “Keep your face toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” by Walt Whitman.

So Many Greens to Savour

To count how many leaves surround me in the woods is an impossible task. The same is true when I try to identify all the shades of green in the woods.

An artist’s paint box holds tubes of many greens with names like Hookers, Olive, Sage, and Lime, to name a few. Check out Google and you will find endless ‘green’ names ranging from drab ones to brilliant offerings.

Rather than identify all the green shades I simply absorb them.

Green always feels so refreshing.


A few photos need to happen before I continue along the path.

I use my mobile phone for a some snapshots. These are photos to revisit later in my studio where I often crop images for interesting possibilities. Looking at the photo I can see maybe three prospects to think about from this walk in the woods.

What I eventually paint in my studio depends how something in the image reaches out the most to me. Is there a feeling to explore on canvas? Something sourced from the trees and sunlight? Maybe there is a story in the image to remember? Something that held my attention as I was walking through the trees on a well used path?

My Inspiration often happens this way.

When I post a new painting to my website I share the feelings and stories too. It is always a work in process.

You can see my paintings here




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  1. Mikayla
    | Reply

    Great post! So nice to get a glimpse into your process.

    • Jim
      | Reply

      Thank-you Mikayla. I am glad you found the ‘glimpse’ interesting. Much appreciated.

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