Pointillism Paintings

Pointillism Paintings – Ask the Trees

When I wonder about what to paint, I simply ask the trees during a walk in the woods

Trees are so quiet and still. They hardly seem to know I am there as I follow the path. I just keep walking and reaching out from time to time to touch trunks as I pass.

I’m not partial about which trees. I just touch tree trunks to connect to say, “Hello.”

Every tree is unique as it grows toward the forest canopy. And every has an individual story as it evolves and responds to the surroundings in their space. Trees each have experiences to share and to hear them to listen.


A Walk in the Woods

So I say hello to trees as I touch them during a walk in the woods. Sometimes my “hello” is a verbal one and sometimes it is a thoughtful greeting as I notice the bark I’m touching. Either way, trees are sentient so they know I’m there.

It is good to feel close to trees this way. By this I mean, to feel part of their space and to be part of their world.

Ask the Trees

I often stop during my walk to touch a tree a bit longer and to ask, “How are you?”

The response is a feeling I get as I remain quiet with the tree. Sometimes the feeling is heavy and I wonder what is the troubling source. A quick look around often shows me possible issues. And sometime the feeling I get is refreshing. This tree is happy. I always tell the tree I feel love for it.

Then I ask, “What should I paint?”, and the trees around me respond.

Connect and Listen

I love to connect with trees this way. My first connection experiences when I was very young play in the woods. At the time it seems the trees around me were friends and I would visit them often.

Years later, I began to relate to some trees being more happy than others. This is when I began to touch them and ask about how they are. Some trees really seem to need a hug while others are more embracingly positive.

When I Paint

Trees are a favourite theme for me. While they do so much good for our earth, they ask for nothing in return. And like people, each tree is an individual.

I love painting trees and the spaces where they live.

You can see my original paintings here 


4 Responses

  1. Donna Stokke
    | Reply

    Beautiful blog Jim. You can feel the connection you have to the trees in your paintings. It adds a delightful dimension to them.

    • Jim
      | Reply

      Thank-you Donna, I appreciate your kind words. Glad you enjoy the trees I paint.

  2. helen bhual
    | Reply

    the trees sing to the Loed in heaven

    • Jim
      | Reply

      Yes they do, Helen

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