Pointillism Paintings

Pointillism Paintings

I paint landscapes and treescapes with a unique pointillism style using dots.

For me, to become an artist got a late start that involves a lifelong process. 

Today, in my mid-seventies, as I look back to my childhood years, I clearly see how what I was doing as a kid still holds a constant voice in being an artist today. Back then I roamed the woodlands where I lived and played. The trees were my friends. 

Happily, being an artist reconnects me with these friendships that spill out in the fresh air onto my canvas. 

A Kid Based Example

As a kid I often sat beside trees. There was a world to explore watching bugs and checking out small plants around the base of any tree. Every tree base was different and interesting. 

Today, I still love doing this. And I still sit with trees.

I am a tree sitter more than a tree hugger although hugging is pretty good too.

And in my studio, I am a tree painter.

An Artist Everyday

So I really did change from being a kid everyday to being an artist everyday.

While growing up lots of things got in the way. For a few decades I totally forgot about what I loved doing as a kid. 

Gradually I returned to what I loved doing. 

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  1. Jean McRorie
    | Reply

    …. and we are all so fortunate that you found your way back to doing what you love. ❤️ Thanks for sharing your beautiful paintings with us all Jim.

    • Jim
      | Reply

      Thankyou Jean, very much appreciate your kind words

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