Commission Painting – Sprague Lake 48″x48″


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Hello Rick and Susan,

Thank-you for your kind offer to pay the remaining balance before ‘Sprague Lake’ is finished. The 50% remaining fee is CDN$4200. I’ve adjusted the website Shopping Cart & Check-out for this payment.

Jim Pescott


You’ve chosen ‘Sprague Lake’ for me to paint with acrylic on an unframed 48″x48″ gallery profile canvas. The 1 1/2″ edge will be finished black. I’ve cropped the original photo you emailed to provide a composition of the photo in square format to fit the 48″x48″ canvas. From the centre of your photo, the composition uses less of the right side and more of the left side.

My fee for painting “Sprague Lake” is CDN$8400. A 50% deposit confirms your order with the balance to be paid on the completion of the painting.

The painting will require six weeks. As the painting progresses, I will send you ‘in process’ photos so you can watch the painting happen.


Jim Pescott