Jim Pescott paints with a unique, self-taught pointillism style to layer dots of acrylic colours on the canvas. A deep passion for natural landscapes and especially treescapes where sunlight dances fill his canvases.

Exhibitions in Paris, Florence, Cannes, New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Cincinnati and Monaco have included Jim's paintings. This includes six times at the annual juried Salon held by the historic Société National des Beaux-Artes (SNBA) at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, France. Jim is recognized as a 'Master Pointillist' by ArtTour International Magazine. The national Académie Arts-Sciences-Lettres in France presented Jim a Silver Medal in 2021.

Jim left a corporate career at the age of 50 to explore his passion for landscapes and trees. He lives and creates in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Artist Statement

“I paint landscapes because landscapes touch everyone. Nature really is everything: all the animals, the landforms and especially the trees that reach up into the sky and spread deeply into the ground. For me, trees have been my friends since I was first able to wander through the woods to meet them. I love how sunlight dances in the woods. Trees do so much for us and ask for nothing in return. In the woods, there is endless harmony to explore.

My pointillist style, layers of dots, allows me to explore all this and relate to how everything is connected.”

Art Awards

  • 2021 Jim was awarded a Silver Medal for painting by the national Académie Arts-Sciences-Lettres in Paris, France
  • 2018 Jim was awarded 'Landscape Artist of the Year' for his painting Aspen Spring at the annual Art Comes Alive exhibition held by Art Design Consultants in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  • 2014 Jim was awarded a medal for painting by the national Académie Arts-Sciences-Lettres in Paris, France
  • 2012 ArtTour International Magazine wrote about Jim as a 'master pointillist: the magazine further recognized Jim with an award for 'Excellence in the Arts and Outstanding Career Achievement'